International Collectable Cars (ICC) have
been importing classic cars for 15 years. 
We are conversant with all of the
intricacies involved in importing
cars for collectors, returning
residents and cars used only
for the race track. 

What does International Collectable Cars do?

We undertake all aspects of car importing your desired car, including:

Found right car?
If you have already found your ideal car, that's great, send us the details and we will get right on it!
We’ll advise if the car qualifies for a permit, either as a Collectible, Vintage, or as a Returning Resident

Still looking?
No issue, we have a strong sourcing base and will find you the right car that meets your specifications and budget.

Securing deposit
We will arrange for the minimum deposit outlay!

The import permit, a vital requirement takes around a week to generate and has to be generated prior to full overseas payment, thereby ensuring all the necessary importation documents are in place before being shipped to the Republic!

Once the car is secured, we arrange safe delivery to a suitable overseas shipping port
by the supplier using RoRo, container services are also available.

Upon arrival at Durban, we ensure all paperwork is ready for quick processing of VAT and duty payments to SARS.

We are now in possession of all of the paperwork required to register your collectable.

We then obtain:
• Application for the cars introduction into the ENATIS system using the Department of Transport
• Police Clearance
• Roadworthy Certificate
• Weighbridge Certificate
• Obtain Data Dots Security
• Introduction into your local Licensing District
• Full registration of your car in your name


Some of our success stories..

Nissan Skyline GTR

This car was sourced and
imported by ICC 5 years ago.
616hp (459kW), sold on 2.1 years later for a 120% profit by the customer.

Porsche 993 Aircooled

One of the last air cooled Porches made, this car is now conservatively worth 220% more than the total cost of importation, what an investment!

Nissan Skyline GTR

My personal car, imported some 7 years ago, total cost R125 000.
Sold at R220 000, now conservatively value of R380 000!

Nissan Elgrand

A returning residents' car, 3.5L V6

1996 Nissan Skyline GTR33

Classic Mini 40th Year Edition

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